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Ask Doctor Debt Can Help Agencies Work with Consumers

ACA International works to help credit and collection industry professionals remain compliant with the industry’s many regulations and laws while providing regular educational opportunities and events for members to stay up-to-date on their skills and training.

Through resources available on the Ask Doctor Debt website, ACA also applies its industry expertise to helping consumers. ACA created Ask Doctor Debt to provide free and unbiased answers to consumers’ debt questions and to serve those who are challenged by debt by improving their financial literacy and providing them with tools and resources.

Resources on Ask Doctor Debt can help minimize the emotional and sometimes intimidating process of working through debt and credit issues.

The site’s resources include an overview of collection calls, how to dispute a consumer report or debt, privileges granted to military personnel and how the statute of limitations on a debt could affect consumers.

Ultimately, the benefits of this consumer resource are twofold: Consumers who have all the information about their rights can avoid unnecessary stress during the debt collection process while making the best financial decisions for their future, and credit and collection professionals who work with consumers who understand their rights and responsibilities can better help them find a solution pay their debt.

The site features common questions consumers ask about debt collection as well as responses provided by debt collection professionals. Visitors are not asked to register, provide any personal information or pay anything to use Ask Doctor Debt.

Additional consumer resources on Ask Doctor Debt include an overview of laws such as the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and Fair Credit Reporting Act, debt settlement, student loans, tools to manage personal finance and even financial literacy tips for parents to use with their children.

The Federal Trade Commission is hosting its National Consumer Protection Week through March 7. ACA members encourage consumers to visit AskDoctorDebt.org, a valuable resource to check out during that time and in the future. Third-party collectors provide an essential service and are actively engaged in their local communities as employers, volunteers, philanthropists and taxpayers.

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